• The Kleptocrat’s Club

    – Arun Jaitley Mamata Banerjee’s disproportionate over-reaction to the CBI wanting to interrogate the Kolkata Police Chief has flagged several issues for a public discourse. The most

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  • Narendra Modi

    Modi’s letter to the nation on one year of the NDA government

    Modi government has completed one year. On this occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is reaching people and detailing them about the past, present and future of the Government through

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  • Experts bat for Sanskrit in schools

    New Delhi : Even as the row over replacing German with Sanskrit in Kendriya Vidyalays partly resurfaced in far away in Berlin, educationists back home feel that it is very important to introduce

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  • Sanskrit fever grips Germany

    Will Germans be the eventual custodians of Sanskrit, its rich heritage and culture? If the demand for Sanskrit and Indology courses in Germany is any indication, that’s what the future looks

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  • Hinduism In American Classrooms

    Interview of Dave Freedholm with Rajiv Malhotra (Dave Freedholm teaches world religion and philosophy at a nationally recognized independent college preparatory school in the U.S. Recently, he

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Welcome to Bharat Bulletin...!!!

Bharat Bulletin includes the great India's nationalist views about various issues. Most of the foreign funded groups in India like Medias (Print & TV), NGOs, Human Rights groups, Intellectuals, writers, secularists, semetic religions etc are trying to defame the Bharat's ancient culture & tradition. It is important to project India's peace mind and broadminded life views to the world. It is a small attempt to publish the real face of Bharat.




Sushruta : Our Heritage

Sushruta, one of the earliest surgeons of the recorded history (600 B.C.), first individual to describe plastic surgery. Sushruta who lived nearly 150 years before Hippocrates vividly described