Another Mauka Lost : Dr. Subramanian Swamy

Alleged rape of a 72 year old nun was a big scoring point for our churches to play victim throughout the world and collect sympathy, money and support in name of persecution in hands of Fascist Hindus ( You ma’am/sir, reading this are a fascist Hindu yourselves).

When that propaganda fizzeled out in face of hard facts, it was only a matter of time when another ‘attack’ is brought to headlines. All that it needed was a little incitement of the local mob by any means possible.
The opportunity came up in Mumbai where a Church had some objection to a local club. It reported to the police that the club is running illegal business. Given the fact that police do not want to take any chance these days (Who wants a Headline “Church complains, police doesn’t act in BJP ruled Maharashtra”?) so they act swiftly and raided the club.
This infuriated the club owner. He abused and threw a brick at the church which became the national Headlines the next day.

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