Government will take strong action against Naxalists (Maoists)

Sudhir Neerattupuram

Haribhai Parathibhai Chaudhary, Minister of State for Home told the Rajya Sabha in a written reply that, “The Naxal groups are known as the biggest terror threat in India. Naxal terrorists have killed 5,024 innocent civilians in the last 10 years where major of the casualties are from rural India.

Though an exact quantification is not possible, a study conducted by the Institute of Defence Studies and Analysis, Delhi has assessed that the CPI (Maoist) party has been collecting not less than Rs 140 crore annually from a variety of sources. As per the reports, Naxals are extorting a whooping money amount of about Rs 140 crore per year from various sources.

The Left Wing Extremists groups are reported to extort ‘levy’ from industrialists, businessmen, contractors particularly Tendu patta contractors, transporters, government servants and various illegal mining mafia groups in the LWE affected states.

These atrocities include killings of innocent civilians, extortion, sexual exploitation of women and forced recruitment of children.

maoist2In order to instill a sense of fear in their areas of dominance, the Maoists also kill civilians after branding them as police informers. Out of 5,024 civilians killed by the Maoists since 2004-2014 (upto November 30, 2014), the overwhelming majority are tribals. The Maoists have in reality killed thousands of innocent Adivasis, whose cause they profess to espouse.

Sexual exploitation of tribal women cadres in the Maoist camps have been disclosed in statements of several surrendered women CPI (Maoist) cadres of Orissa, Maharashtra, Bihar, Jharkhand and other states. Such instances of sexual exploitation include rape, forced marriage and molestation by senior male CPI (Maoist) cadres.

In Chhattisgarh, some surrendered tribal CPI (Maoist) male cadres have disclosed that they were forced by the senior leadership to undergo vasectomy operations as a pre-condition for marriage with women cadres.

maoist1There are allegations that women cadres of CPI (Maoist), who become pregnant, are forced to undergo abortion against their will. The surrendered women cadres have also disclosed that even if they are married to male cadres, they are not allowed to have children since the senior leadership of the CPI (Maoist) feel that it impairs their fighting capability and mobility.”

The above statement shows the inefficiency of the great Indian Government! We are every time saying that our nation is a sovereign country. We are also proud that our military is the biggest in the world. . With strength of over 1.3 million active personnel,  it is world’s 3rd largest military force and the largest standing volunteer army in the world. It consists of four professional uniformed services: the Indian Army, Indian Navy,Indian Air Force and Indian Coast Guard. It is shameful to us saying that the naxalists in India are performing a parallel Government and challenge to the sovereign of India. After independence under the rule of the Congress Governments they are waste the fund announced for the welfare of backward communities in tribe areas and slums. So now also the living standard of the tribals and SC/ST/OBC sections are very low. Naxalist are exploiting this situation. If Modi Government will try to utilize the central funds for Naxal affected areas and given the all facilities to tribals, it will change the present situation. At first try to attract the hearts of poor villagers in tribal areas and give full support, courage, jobs, Govt. aids, food, shelter, land, clothes etc. Then gradually the tribals were oppose the naxalists and support the Indian Government. The important this is to succeed on tribal’s hearths.

maoist3The same time take strong action against the armed naxalists and demolish their strong holds with the strength of our armed forces. Don’t allow them to threaten the local Governments, tribals,industrialists, businessmen, contractors, transporters, government servants etc. Stop the sources of their wealth. Don’t allow them to collect levies from various persons. Cut-off their sources of the arm dealings.

We are the biggest player in the field of satellite arena. Use the satellites to discover the hidden places of the armed Naxalists in the forest areas. Find out the accurate places of the Naxal groups and take immediate action against them. Use our para military forces to destroy the armed Naxalists from the Indian soil. Presently so many state governments are silently given the tribal areas to naxalists for their own rule. It shameful to the people selected governments. Don’t allow a country two separate ruling segments. As per central Government’s statement very clearly accept that in India naxalists are ruling as a parallel government. They are taking taxes from the people. The unofficial reports are saying that Maoists are yearly collecting Rs. 2000 crores.

maoist4The Chhattisgarh director general of police Vishwa Ranjan recently said the Maoists make close to Rs 2,000 crore through extortion. He called the figure a “guestimate” based on seized Maoist cashbooks and other vital papers recovered in recent months.)

Nowadays Maoists are spread their strength all over the country. They are trying to focus on southern states like Kerala, Tamilnadu & Karnataka also. It is a dangerous situation. If we allow them to grow, it will be a big threat to the democratic India. All ready they have strongholds in Orissa, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Andhra Predesh etc. If we thinks to protect our democracy and freedom, we will demolish the Naxalists. It is the time to take immediate, strong military & social action against Naxalists in India. They have so many friends in various groups in India like intellectuals, artists, Human Rights organizations, NGOs, political parties, Govt. departments, etc. If govt. will take any strong action against naxalists these groups were shouting against Govt. Don’t consider these type of traitors, who are likes to destroy our ancient country’s culture, democracy, freedom, religions etc.

maoist5Under the rule of the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s Central Govt. will take proper immediate action against Naxal threat. Conduct the big rallies of Mr. Narendra Modi on Naxal affected areas and given courage and help to the tribals. Convert the tribal’s soft corner approach from naxalists to Central Govt. given full support, mental & physical armed training to the tribals to oppose the Naxals. Immediately start the Government’s welfare programs on Naxal affected areas. Also verify that Govt. funds are fully utilized for the welfare of tribals. Don’t allow the Govt. officials, politicians to loot the tribal funds. If Govt. will given full support and help to the poor villagers in India, they did not take arms, follows naxalits, shoot to police/army, challenge the sovereign of India etc. Also uses our all forces to vanish the naxalists from Indian soil. It is the time to destroy the Red Corridor of Naxalists.

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