India ends Yemen evacuation, rescues people from 41 countries

(Pseudo secular media in India suppress the real story of India’s rescue operation in Yemen. Read some news from foreign media like Reuters, Khaleej Times etc. most of the Indian medias are trying to barking against the Central Government of India with utter silly matters. But the majority people India and world were praising the great rescue efforts of Indian Govt. in the battlefield of Yemen.)

(Reuters) – India has won many friends by evacuating nearly 1,000 nationals of 41 countries from warring Yemen, with the operation led by an irascible former general coming as a welcome moment of pride for a nation that aspires to emerge as a global player.

Indian Navy's rescue operation

Indian Navy’s rescue operation

Foreign office minister V.K. Singh returned to a hero’s welcome on Friday, having joined several Air India flights into the Yemeni capital Sanaa to evacuate people from the conflict there to Djibouti.

“The bombings are still on,” the former army chief of staff told reporters at Delhi airport. “There was trouble in evacuating them, yet we did our task.”

Along with some 4,600 Indians, Singh’s mission rescued citizens of Britain, France and the United States, a symbolic step in a country sensitive about its reliance on foreign aid in the decades following independence in 1947.

Indian media and government officials this week gleefully circulated a screenshot of CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer talking about India’s rescue of U.S. citizens.

The evacuation from Yemen also provided a rare chance for arch-rivals India and Pakistan to look beyond hostilities, as 11 Indians were evacuated by the Pakistani navy and flown home, winning a vote of thanks from Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Three Pakistanis also made it out on Indian transport.

The Ministry of External Affairs said India had now ended the rescue effort. It will close its embassy in Sanaa, where Saudi Arabia has launched air strikes against Iranian-allied Houthi rebels.

 Egyptian woman praises India

Cairo : An Egyptian woman, who was among 960 foreign nationals evacuated by India from Yemen, has lauded Indian Army for rescuing her from the strife-torn country. Praising Indian soldiers, Alyaa Gaber Mohamed said it was only because of their efforts that she was alive.  “The reason I’m alive now, after God’s will, is the Indian Army,” Alyaa, who is in 20s, wrote in a facebook post that went viral on social media on Thursday, PTI reported.  “India sent a warship for second time to evacuate its citizens from Yemen and it

Alyaa Gaber Mohamed (Egypt)

Alyaa Gaber Mohamed (Egypt)

chose to take a humanitarian decision that will be written in its history, which is evacuating people from other nationalities also,” said the post published by a number of Egyptian media outlets.  Recalling her hard journey, Alyaa, who was working in a hotel in Yemen, said the Indian Army transferred the evacuees to the ship and transported them safely to Djibouti.   “They let us sleep in the rooms that the army uses to sleep in and they offered us a five star service. They brought us food, juices, milk, medicines and doctors,” she said.  A delegation from the Egyptian Embassy was waiting for Alyaa in Djibouti as she arrived and arranged her return to Egypt.  “I’m happy with this journey, despite the hard times I saw, because I also knew that there are still good people who offer help and sacrifices without being waiting for something in return,” said Alyaa. (Khaleej Times)


In Yemen, India has concluded its evacuation operations after Air India flights, Indian naval vessels evacuated over 5000 Indians from Sanaa, Aden, Al Hudaydah and Al Mukalla ports in Yemen since 31st of March.  Minister of State for External Affairs VK Singh who was overseeing the operations returned to India on Friday (April 10, 2015) morning.   He said around 5000 Indians and 1000 foreigners have been evacuated through Operation Raahat.


India’s rescue operations in Yemen have been widely appreciated and 23 countries seeking help in evacuating their nationals is testimony of this fact. The rescue operations in Yemen were probably one of the toughest for India since the battle is not just fierce, but there are several stake holders in this war.  The Shia Houthi rebels, Al-Qaeda, the Yemen government and also Saudi Arabia are all locked in war and this scenario could be extremely confusing for any rescue team since none know who the enemy really is. There are various factors that have ensured that India carried out a better rescue operation when compared to the rest of the nations. The diplomacy with Saudi Arabia directly overseen by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, vast experience gained in the Iraq rescue operation and more importantly not taking sides in the Yemen conflict has led to Operation Raahat being such a huge success.

yemen_IndiansHowever the presence of General V K Singh at the scene of operations has done India a world of good since direct and quick decisions were taken. Operational heads normally enter into a spot of bother when it comes to taking diplomatic decisions. In the case of Yemen there was no room for any delay. In fact a delay would have been fatal and there were split second decisions to be taken. The Indian contingent literally pulled out its citizens amidst gun fire and bombs and for this there was a need to have a top man from the ministry at the scene to take immediate decisions. Diplomacy with Saudi Arabia: Dealing with Saudi Arabia was extremely crucial in such an operation. After all it is a major player in the Yemen conflict and has taken upon itself to beat down the Shia Houthi rebels. While it could be argued that the entry of Saudi has led to the situation turning sectarian in nature (Sunni vs Shia), India did understand that taking the Saudis along was extremely crucial to these rescue operations. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in constant touch with the Saudi King Salman. The direct contact between the two leaders was extremely crucial for this operation. Saudi has placed its troops in strategic pockets in Yemen and it was extremely important for India to negotiate with them. The entire process was done while the Prime Minister was in touch constantly with King Salman. There were decisions that were needed to be taken and all through India stayed in touch with Saudi to negotiate a safe access for its aircrafts which was to ferry Indians out of Yemen.

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