Prisoner of His Own Politics

Kejriwal May End Up Becoming Victim of His Own Success

Sudhir Neerattupuram

kejriwalHe inspired hope for change among Indians and emerged as a crusader who would wipe corruption from Indian politics, but his resigning from the post of Delhi’s chief minister within49 days of taking charge, his defeat in Varanasi where he aspired to outdo Modia wave, and his initial denial and then furnishing a bail bond after he was arrested in Tihar Jail in a defamation suit filed against him by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) politician Nitin Gadkari who is now a cabinet minister in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government are only telling a story of self defeat. Arvind Kejriwa who entered politics with big noise after his historic electoral debut in legislative election in 2013, is gradually becoming a prisoner of his own politics. Now, everybody knows that he is the puppet of Congress and American CIA- He initiated Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement against ruling Congress party and, aspired to destroy Bharatiya Janata Party. But he failed in his attempts very sadly and badly.

By getting himself arrested on Wednesday and not agreeing to furnish the bail bond as demanded by the Delhi High Court, he is resorting to the same tactics that once made the Indians believe in his integrity. But this time, the janata will not fall prey to his tactics and will think twice before believing him. The court asked him to behave like an aam aadmi, but since he was not ready to furnish the bond, realizing his hidden intention behind the attack, he was sent to stay in jail till June 6.

During the hearing, Kejriwal told the court he was trying to understand what his fault was as lots of politicians have filed such cases against him. “In such cases, I have been released after I gave undertaking in courts earlier,” he said. The magistrate, however, said Kejriwal was told to give a bond only and it was a legal procedure to furnish bonds for bail.
“You (Kejriwal) have been summoned as an accused. You are not a convict. You will face trial…you cannot say that I am innocent and I will not give bond. This is a procedure,” the magistrate said. The magistrate, in her order, had observed the procedure of courts cannot be “thrown to the winds” at the whims and fancies of the litigants. “The court cannot act as a mute spectator when a particular litigant intentionally seeks to violate the procedure established by law. This case cannot be dealt with any differently than any other criminal cases where the courts insist on furnishing bail bond/personal bond to secure the presence of the accused persons. The accused in the present case cannot seek differential treatment to be let off only on an oral undertaking in violation/divergence to the settled practice/procedure regarding bail,” the court had said. The court had on February 28 summoned Kejriwal as an accused in the criminal defamation complaint observing that statements allegedly made by the AAP leader have the effect of “harming the reputation” of the complainant. With his arrest, Kejriwal who was seen as harbinger of hope has lost his appeal and does not seem convincing any more.  He was confident of defeating Narendra Modi in Varanasi Lok Sabha constituency in general election, but as destiny would have it, Modi today has become the Prime Minister of India, and Kejriwal is reduced to becoming a prisoner of his own politics….!!!! What a tragedy….!!!


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