Truths we must know about Communist Party and RSS…!!

  • Although the Communist Party and RSS (from which the Jansangh and BJP draw their inspiration) were founded at about the same time, the communist vote in this country never exceeded 8% and that too most of it only in Bengal and Kerala while the BJP has its vote share of about 24% and is in good strength in every state. Don’t you think that Indians have rejected or marginalized Communists?
  • Darul Uloom in Deoband has lashed out at the UPA Government for its anti-Minority policies, although all the govt. policies are heavily loaded in favour of Muslims. And they want us to believe them! Are we fools?
  • When Narendra Modi walked out of a TV interview, a lot of hue and cry was made by the media which tried to demonize him. But when P. Chidambaram, Finance Minister, walked out
    of a Live TV chat with CNN-IBN, not even a murmur was made. Is it because the Channel did not want to rub the finance minister because of its pending proposals before the FM?
    Double-standards or self-interest?
  • In Eraiyur village, near Ullundurpettai, TN, two groups ofChristians – Vanniars and Dalits – fought over a Church. Dalits claimed that they are discriminated against, and are not allowed to pray with Vanniars. Clashes broke out, leading to police firing and death of two Vanniars. And Christians claim that there is no casteism in Christianity!
  • On December 9, 2007, a few RSS workers led a group of 16 Harijan youths into the famous Chidambaram Nataraja temple without any fanfare, but in utter devotion. The temple Dixitars
    applied Vibhuti on the foreheads of all devotees, and gave them sweet pongal as prasadam. The thrilled Harijan youths were then treated to a sumptuous meal at the residence of a
    businessman (a Swayamsevak) in the town. It is at this temple that Dhravida Kazhakam thugs wanted to create rift between Hindus, sometime back.
  • BJP leader Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi was invited by the Kolkata Press Club to attend a Saraswati puja (March 2008). But when he as the HRD Minister had presided over a programme at Vigyan Bhavan where there was a short invocation to the goddess Saraswati, there was an uproar in Bengal. The Left Front had protested, claiming it was against our secular tradition!
  • Indian Muslim youths in Malaysia want them to be know as Malays and not Indians, because all their rituals conform to Malay (Muslim) customs. But Hindu youths in Malaysia want them to be known as Hindus of Indian origin. Can you understand the consequences of conversion?
  • CM of TN, M. Karunanidhi, has passed orders to open the doors for all Hindu castes to become archakas in Hindu temples. Fine. Will he pass similar orders for women being appointed as
    Bishops and women priests for conducting Masses? Will he pass orders for Muslim women to conduct Namaaz? Why this gender discrimination in Islam and Christianity?
  • The Vatican has ruled out all forms of feminist theology of the liturgy in Catholicism, saying that God must always be recognized as “Our Father”. Some `secular’ women lawyers went to court demanding rights for women to go to Sabarimalai. Will they take up the matter of women’s right with Vatican also?
  • In Hinduism, there are temples meant only for Males. Similarly, there are temples meant only for Women. But there are Gods and Goddesses. There is `Arthanareeswar’ too. Where is the question of gender discrimination in Hinduism. Don’t you think that in the name of alleged gender discrimination, Communists and `Secularists’ are trying to divide Hindu society?
  • Two of India’s legendary journalist editors are being humiliated – MV Kamath was forced to resign from the Chairmanship of Prasar Bharati and MJ Akbar was forced to resign from the
    editorship of Asian Age and Deccan Chronicle. Their telling the truth has hurt the UPA. And yet all editors-journalist don’t seem to be interested in reporting the matter.
  • Thailand and Cambodia have agreed to lay aside a century- long dispute over a temple complex on their border, and want to go for United Nations World Heritage status for the site (the
    temple complex has one entrance in each country). Both the countries want to save the age-old temple, forgetting their border dispute. But in our country, the UPA is bent upon demolishing an ancient bridge and a national monument – Ram Sethu. What a paradox!
  • Our Muslims declare that no one should touch Islamic Tests. But Turkey has commissioned a team of theologians to revise Koran and Hadith. It says that a significant number of the sayings were never uttered by Muhammed, and even some need now to be reinterpreted. It even says that some of the sayings have been invented hundreds of years after the prophet died.
  • UPA Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Panabaka Lakshmi says that a cow urine distillate has been found to enhance the activity of anti-cancer drug Taxol. They have now `discovered’
    this, when Hindus are saying this for many decades. Then why doesn’t the government save cows by banning cow slaughter?
  • The Mahashtra Govt. has not taken any action to demolish the unauthorized structure on Mughal general Afzal Khan’s tomb at Pratapgarh, as directed by the court. Once a thatched roof, the tomb has been gradually transformed into an impressive structure with 23 posh rooms. So, in this Hindu land, you cannot build a temple at the Ramjanmabhoomi, but an Afzal Khan’s tomb, yes.
  • The so called Special Rapporteur, Asma Jehangir, from the UN (a Pak Human Right Activist), after her 18 days tour of India, says: `the atmosphere in Gujarat is still oppressive for Muslims’, `no communal tension in Kerala’, `Christians are targetted in India’, etc. But not a word about Kashmir Pandits,
    and Hindu refugees in Gujarat. What type of Human Rights Activist is she – considering the pathetic conditions of Hindus and Christians in Pak and Bangladesh?
  • 60 years after fleeing from Pakistan and settling in J&K, over 50,000 Hindu families are still widely seen as “outsiders”. They vote in Parliamentary elections, but not in Assembly elections. Since they do not have `place of birth’ and `permanent resident’ certificates, a basic document in J&K, they are denied all opportunities – jobs, admission in schools, professional institutions, etc. Our UPA govt. which provides special privileges to Muslims all over India, never bothers about the basic and minimal requirements of these Hindus in J&K.
  • Are you aware that every time ISRO launched a satellite, the scientists from ISRO’s Master Control Facility (MCF) in Hassan would present a replica at the Lord Manjunatheshwara Temple at Dharmasthala, and take back the prasadam. The practice, started over 20 years ago, is due to the “intense belief” of a few scientists.
  • Jaipur chief judicial magistrate, Dinesh Gupta, ordered the arrest of Hollywood star Richard Gere for a public act of kissing Shilpa Shetty at an AIDS awareness show. Many of our `secularists’, who otherwise shout at the top of their voice that law should take its own course, were accusing the judge of wasting courts’ valuable time by taking up this trivial matter. AIDS awareness by kissing! Yes it is a trivial matter for them.
  • Afghanistan’s Parliament has recently passed a resolution seeking to bar TV programs from showing dancing and other practices, because they are considered un-Islamic. Our Hindi programmes are a favourite among Afghans. The Afghan TV channels often blur images of statues of Hindu gods in the Indian serials and even the uncovered necks and shoulders of actresses.
  • DMK’s Ex-CM, M. Karunanidhi, and the Dharavidar Kazhakam thugs want all temples in TN to use Tamil mantras and slokhas, instead of Sanskrit. In the same breadth, will they ask Muslims
    and Christians too to pray in Tamil. If they so much love Tamil culture, what do they do to stop the spread of Arabic and Christian culture in TN?
  • When a cricket team performs badly, there is a chorus for the change of the captain. When a party performs poorly in an election, there is a demand for the resignation of leader. But nothing of that sort happens in Congress. When the party was routed in UP, Gujarat and Himachal Elections, no Congressman ever thinks of change in the leadership. Why?
  • When King Birendra was on the throne in Nepal, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi visited Kathmandu along with Sonia Gandhi. At the meeting, Sonia pounced on King Birendra and demanded the release of 90 foreign missionaries who had been arrested for conversion activities in the country. Do you understand her motives?
  • Sonia Gandhi’s commitment to the evangelical agenda can be seen in the UPA govt.’s decision to award Ms. Gladys Staines with the Padma Shri last year. What is the contribution of Gladys
    Staines to India that deserves her Padma Shri? Yes, it is futile to raise this question, when we do not even know the contribution of Sonia to India!
  • In 1947 there were no Christians in Tripura, and now there are 120,000 Christians, with a 90% increase since 1991. In 1961 Arunachal Pradesh had only 1710 Christians, while today they are 1.2 million with 780 churches. The situation in Nagaland is no different. And they demand a Christisthan!
  • New Delhi is going all out to ensure travel documents to Pakistani nationals wishing to visit Jammu & Kashmir. But not a single Kashmiri Hindu has received travel documents to visit the sacred Sharada Peeth in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, despite thousands of applications for permission. What does that indicate?
  • Pakistani nationals who entered India on tourist visas to watch cricket matches (for example, at Mohali, Punjab) or visit Sufi shrines, have simply vanished. They have melted into India. Have you ever heard of (leave alone Hindus) Muslims going to Pakistan and melting into Pak society? What is the moral story of this vanishing trick?
  • In J&K, while the 0.5 million-strong Hindu population has been reduced to just 6,000, the Christian population has seen a startling growth, from just 650 in the 1981 census to around 13,000 at present, all of which is on account of conversion of Muslims. When Muslims are specially privileged, what makes them convert to Christianity? Sonia Gandhi’s abiding commitment to the West’s agenda?
  • Rahul Gandhi claimed that his father (Rajiv Gandhi) told his mother (Sonia Gandhi) that he would have stood in front of the Babri Masjid to stop its demolition. Babri structure was demolished on 6th Dec. 1992. But Rajiv was killed in 1991. How could Rajiv have told this? Is not Rahul boasting like a brat? Will Rahul answer why Rajiv did not prevent the massacre of 3,000 sikhs in 1984?
  • A two-metre tall statue of Shiva Nataraja is installed at the entrance to CERN, the Eurupean Center for Research in Particle Physics in Geneva. A plaque next to the statue explains the significance of the metaphor of Shiva’s cosmic dance. When the western world is trying to study and understand the science in Hinduism, our Government is trying to belittle Hinduism.
  • Can you point out a single country in the world where anti- nationals and terrorists like Madani, Mohammed Afzal, Sohrabbudin, Sahabuddin, etc. are favoured, but policemen and nationalists like IG Vanzara (who killed Sohrabbudin in an encounter) are being harassed? Yes, India.
  • Can you point out a single country in the world where terrorist and anti-national organisations like SIMI, NDF, Muslim League, etc. are defended and nationalist organisations like RSS, VHP,
    are despised, by a section of the people who claim to be `secularists’ and `intellectuals’? Yes, India.
  • Can you show me a single country which gives incentive for promoting a foreign language and culture, but refuse to promote its own language and culture? Yes, India. UPA govt. at the Centre and the Kerala government are doing so! They do everything to promote Arabic language and Arab Tribal culture,
    but neglect Sanskrit and Hindu culture.
  • The Sachar Committee report says that Indian jails are mostly populated by Muslim convicts. Had the Muslim criminals been tried with Islamic criminal law, probably crime among them
    would have come down. Will Muslims (who clamour for separate civil laws as per Shriat) demand criminal laws too, as per Shariat?
  • 12 insurgents were arrested from the official residence of three Congress MLAs (W. Brajabidhu Singh, K. Meghachandra Singh and Bijoy Koijam) and one former MLA (Sova Kiran) in Imphal,
    Manipur (Aug. 17, 2007). Arms and ammunitions in large quantity were recovered from the MLA’s houses. Is Congress giving asylum to secessionists?
  • Congress President Sonia Gandhi, through her obliging PM, appoints Navin Chawla as Election Commissioner, in spite of protest by 205 MPs. The EC, in turn, avoids any comments on Sonia Gandhi’s foreign origin before the Supreme Court. Moral of the story: An Election Commissioner in need is a Saviour indeed! (Aug. 2007).
  • Abdul Nasser Madhani masterminded the Coimbatore bomb blast, where among others a 15-year old Hindu boy was killed. As a compensation, the boy’s father was given a job in a
    government hospital as attendant, and was ordered to look after Madhani, the killer of his son! Can you imagine the predicament of this poor father? Still he took care of the killer of his son very
    (Madhani admitted having arranged for the explosives). Strange administration, isn’t it?
  • When Kalakshetra Foundation in Chennai was criticised by Hindu Voice for its anti-Hindu activities, NDTV in its report of 01.08.2008 termed KF as a `soft’ target. Now if KF is `soft’
    target what is `hard’ target? Is the NDTV using the language of terrorists? Or are they trying to `invent’ Hindu terrorism?
  • Kalakshetra Foundation Director, Leela Samson, and NDTV say that Bharathnatyam is an art and not a religion. How can you say that a dance dedicated to Lord Shiva is not related to
    Hinduism? Are they not detaching Bharathanatyam from its Hindu roots? Is this not a conspiracy to steel our Intellectual Property?
  • Leela Samson refused to send her team of students to perform at the grand finale of Sri Sri Ravishankar (Art of Living) in Dec. 2006, saying AOL’s function `is concerned with Hindu religion’.
    But she did perform, along with her students, at the Papal Mass in India on 7th Nov. 1999 in front of Pope. So, for people like Leela Samson and NDTV, Pope is secular and Sri Sri is communal!
  • Muslims were ruling India for many centuries, before British arrived? Yet, no university worth the name came into being, like Oxford and Cambridge. AMU, the Osmania and JMI were
    established after the British rule began. Does this not prove that the community has been averse to modern education?
  • Moghul Kings were ruling India for many centuries. But not one of them went to Haj on pilgrimage. The reason is not far to seek. In those days, it would have taken about 6 months to go
    and come back, during which time his throne may be usurped by his son, brother, relative or someone else.
  • Fitr is just distortion of sanskrit pitr. During this period Hindusobserve shraddh paksh for pitr or forefathers, while Muslims observe Ramzan, which is copy of shraddh paksh. They also
    do charity and visit graves of their forefathers to pray to them for succour. The sanskrit word ‘id’ means prayers or puja. So idulfitr means prayers for pitr. Ramzan is from ramadan, which
    is ramah daan or charity for the lord.
  • An NGO, AGNI, filed a Writ petition in the Mumbai High Court to punish the BJP and the Shivasena with a fine of Rs 20 lakhs each for declaring a Bandh in protest against the bomb blasts
    in Ghatkopar and Mulund in Mumbai. But when Karunanidhi called for Bandh against Supreme Court’s verdict against reservation for OBCs, neither AGNI nor any other `concerned citizen’ went to the court.
  • Teesta Setalvad and filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt had written to Congress President Sonia Gandhi requesting her not to replace Vilasrao Deshmukh as chief minister because doing so could
    hurt implementation of the riot panel’s report. Have they become Congress party members? Otherwise, what business these worthies have with the internal affairs of Congress party.
  • NASA astronaut Sunita Williams said in Ahmedabad (28th 2007) “When I landed up in Naval academy I had to adjust to military discipline. The RSS culture of discipline in our family
    came in handy for me at that stage since my father had been associated with the RSS.” When Congressmen and our `secularists’ blame RSS for anything and everything, here is a lady telling
    the truth, boldly and frankly. Definitely she would not lie.
  • Kashmir’s Grand Mufti Bashir-ud-Din, asked (October. 2007) Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad to undertake penance for his utterances asking people to adopt
    Gandhian philosophy for worldly success, otherwise his act would be considered un-Islamic. Is praising Mahatma Gandhi un-Islamic? What our `Gandhian’ congressmen have to say?
  • Do you know that the “Expert Committee” appointed by the UPA Govt. to study the Sethusamudram Project breaking Ram Sethu had no expert on it from Marine Archeology, Merchant
    Navy, Coast Guard, Indian Navy, Environment, Ecology, Marine life, Geology & Tsunami. Is it supposed to give a command performance?
  • Sri Krishna ‘was loose in morals, having married 16,000 Gopikas’, say Christian Missionaries. There are more than a million nuns who assert that they are married to Jesus Christ. (They take an oath when they are ordained as a nun that ‘she is married to Jesus Christ’). Just think, between the two – Krishna and the nun – who are loose characters.
  • Thailand International airport is named “Swarnabhumi Airport”. At the entrance, there is a huge multi-color mural of the famous Hindu mythological depiction of Samudra Manthan (the celestial
    churning of ocean). Can we imagine depiction of similar inspiring incidents taken from our Hindu culture in our airports? Nope.
  • As many as 63 Christian priests in Kerala alone face criminal charges – for murder, attempt to murder, rape, molestation, assault, abduction, theft, break-in, cheating etc. – as per information obtained under RTI act (Oct. 2007). Just compare the ratio of criminals among Hindu and Christian priests.
  • The Chinese government has invited the Swaminarayan Trust that runs the Akshardham temples in Noida and in Gandhinagar, to build a similar temple in Fohsan state in China. Why do the
    communists in India oppose Ram Temple at the Ramjanmabhoomi? Why do they want to break Ram Sethu? Why do they despise Hindus and Hinduism?
  • `Cremation is much more hygienic compared to burial’ says a Father in Chennai. In Kolkata, many Christians prefer cremation to burial. In USA too many Christians opt for cremation.
    According to an estimate, the number of Christians in the US opting for cremation would touch 40% by 2010. Yes, observing even the Hindu way of death!
  • For the congress and communists, BJP freeing 3 terrorists to save 100 Indian hostages is shameful. But freeing 4 militants to save just a life of one daughter of its minister in Kashmir (Rubina
    Sayed) is a natural political dilemma. What a double-standard?
  • For the Congress and communists, if BJP starts yoga in schools in Rajasthan, Gujarat etc. it is communal, but if congress-ruled states do so, then it becomes physical education.
  • Around 4,000 Muslims in Wadala, Mumbai, attacked the police, apparently to prevent them from taking away one of the residents for questioning in a molestation case (October 2007).
    Have you ever heard of Hindus attacking police for performing their duty? What makes Muslims support criminals?
  • Since its inception, Tehelka (notorious for “Operation Kalank” against Narendra Modi) had gone bankrupt thrice. Although the printing (of Oct. 2007 issue) would be around Rs.50/- per
    copy, the price of the magazine is Rs.10/- only. One wonders how Tehelka, with no advertisement revenue, has the wherewithal to do such a large sting operation. Probably the people working there live on air and water!
  • Tehelka had not conducted any sting operation in respect of Sikh massacre, massacre and ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Kashmir, the numerous bomb blasts, the Bofors, Vockers, infiltration
    of Bangladeshi Muslims, etc. Don’t you smell a Congress rat in the notorious “Operation Kalank” against Narendra Modi?
  • When the news about the riots in Ahmedabad was being broadcast (Feb. 2002), NDTV showed a person plying a cycle rickshaw being attacked by a Bajrang Dal worker. When there is no cycle rickshaw in Ahmedabad, how did NDTV get this footage? Is it not `manufactured’ to add fuel to the fire? What could be NDTV’s motives?
  • `Secularists’ say that the Military arrived in Ahmedabad on 28th and it was deployed by Modi only on the 1st, that is after 3 days. But what they hide is that it was February 28th (2002) and the next day was 1st March. That means, there was no delay in deploying the Military by the Modi government. Do you understand how they fool you?
  • Ram Vilas Paswan & Lalu Prasad Yadav took a look-alike of Osama bin Laden for campaigning in Bihar Election meetings. Paswan wanted a Muslim to become the CM of Bihar. Lalu was caught in the act of publicly distributing money to voters during Bihar elections. Why was no action initiated against Paswan and Lalu by the Election Commission?
  • Where was our secular gang when Haji Yaquib, a minister in Mulayam Yadav’s govt. in UP, made a public appeal to severe the head of the Cartoonist in Denmark and promised to pay
    the would-be murderer a sum of Rs.50 crore? Why was no action taken against him for instigating murder?
  • Do you know that Good Friday is not a Holiday in America which is a predominantly Christian country? But in Bharat with roughly two and half percent of Christians it is a Public Holiday. Is it
    because of our appeasement policy?
  • NDA announced to set up AIIMS in six States, which included four states ruled by Congress. But the UPA never bothered to add a single brick to the proposed AIIMS in MP, Rajasthan, Orissa,
    Bihar and Uttarakhand during the four years of its rule at the centre, just because all are ruled by NDA. Look at their partiality!
  • In May 2004, an old man called Muhammad Zafer Yaqub Hassan al Jorani came from Sharjah to Hyderabad, for cataract operation. On May 7, he married 19-year old Haseena Begum, and after two days he divorced her. On May 24, he married another 16 year old girl Ruksana Begum. He divorced Ruksana too and married a third one. (Jorani, at his Sharjah residence, had two wives and 11 children). And this is an accepted Islamic practice.
  • Three Gandhis – Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi – have been killed by bullets. Still, the Congress has not learnt any lesson on terrorism? They refuse to hang Parliament bomb-blast mastermind, Mohamed Afzal! They continue to treat terrorists with kind gloves!
  • The CPM is in a killing spree – Sangrur and Nandigram in WB and Kannur in Kerala. They have massacred, apart from RSS and BJP workers, many Congressmen too in Kerala. But the Congress
    is turning a blind eye, just because it wants to cling to power at the centre. Making scapegoat of workers for enjoying power!
  • Is the Congress aware of the CPI’s role during the Quit India Movement? Peoples’ War, the then united Communist Party’s organ ridiculed the Quit India resolution and denigrated the clarion call issued by the Mahatma to `Do or Die’. The paper damned the Congress as a fascist organization. And now they are having a honeymoon.
  • During 1942 the Communists were more loyal to the British than the King of England. They heaped insults on Gandhiji, Subhas Chandra Bose and Jayaprakash Narayan, ran down
    the Quit India Movement as an indication of bankruptcy of ideas and sided with China in the Sino-Indian conflict in 1962. And today, they are indirectly running the govt. at the centre
  • To curry favour with the British, CPI leader P.C.Joshi submitted to the government a 120-page report on how the communists have been disrupting the Quit India Movement. He claimed that
    he was doing a better job of stemming the Quit India Movement than the British government itself! Have they changed a bit?
  • In 1960s, the Communists were dominating Mumbai. It was the Shiv Sena which paid them back in their own coin and kicked them out of Mumbai. Today, Mumbai is free from Communists. Don’t you think that Communists understand only the language of stick, and they are unfit to be treated kindly?
  • During the brief China-India War in 1962, CPM declared Chairman Mao as its own chairman and it gave both overt and covert support to him. Even today, they do not admit that China was the aggressor. It is this party that is presently running the government sitting at the back seat, holding the nation to ransom.
  • In 1835, when Muslims in Calcutta (Kolkata) came to know that the British government intended to start English teaching in all schools, 8,000 maulvis signed a petition to stop it, on the
    grounds that learning in English would undermine Islam. Almost fifty years later, in 1882, among 705 students appearing for bachelors’ and 235 licentiate examinations Muslims numbered
    eight and five respectively. There was not a single Muslim graduate either in engineering and medicine. In MA courses there were 5 Muslims out of 326 and in BA there were 30 out of 1,343.
  • Contrast the above fact with what Hindus decided. When, in 1824, the government planned to start a Sanskrit College in Calcutta, Hindu citizens, under the leadership of Raja Rammohan Roy demanded that instead of a Sanskrit College, they preferred an English college. Today, England wants Indian teachers to teach English to English children. Poor Macaulay must be turning in his grave.
  • Indonesia is a Muslim majority country, but is proud of its Hindu past? They proudly say that “Indonesians are Hindu in culture, Muslim in religion and Indonesian in nationality’. Their airline
    is called Garuda Airlines. On their currency, they have the figure of Ganesha. Will Indian Muslims be proud of their Hindu past?
  • Kerala Police busted a Terrorist recruitment camp in Panayikulam in Aluva and arrested 18 Muslim youth (April 2008). They seized hate literature and CD’s. Subsequently, the Police conducted raids in many centres and arrested many SIMI activists. Finally, the Jihadi-friendly government termed the operation as Police highhandedness over the religious rights of Muslims! Is this the way to contain terrorism?
  • There are many Communist Christians in Kerala, who have become even ministers. But Bishop Jose Porunnedam of Manathavadi Diocese has declared that a true Christian cannot be a communist. He has warned that “it is better for them to keep off from the church rather than believing in Mao and Christ at a time”. What our Christian communists will do now?
  • Gone are the days when we were dependent on British investments in India. It has now become the turn of India to invest in UK. Today, India is the second largest investors in UK, next only to USA.
  • The CPM has been raising concern against the violation of so- called human rights in Kashmir, but as regards Tibet, Prakash Karat is fuming that “national sovereignty cannot be breached
    in the name of human rights”. The CPM does not mind raising the bogey of `self-determination’ for Kashmiris. For Tibet, self- determination my foot. Karat is speaking in His Master’s voice – China.
  • In Pakistan, a Hindu boy, Jugdesh, 22, was beaten to death by his co-worker, for passing blasphemous remarks about Mohammed (in April 2008). Have you ever heard of a Hindu
    attacking his colleague for blasphemous remarks on Hindu Gods and Goddess (remember MF Husain?). Why is this murderous instinct?
  • On 4.03.2007, when Hindus were celebrating Holi in the house of Mrs. Kajal Haldar of Sarberia village, Dist 24 Parganas (N), WB, suddenly a mob of about 50 Muslims of CPM, led by
    Shajahan Akunj, attacked the house, without any provocation. After attacking, they issued a warning to all local doctors not to provide any treatment to the victims. Don’t you think that your village may be next?
  • The Congress Govt. in Himachal Pradesh has enacted an anti- conversion law (March 2007), saying that such a law is needed to sustain communal harmony. But the same Congress
    opposes similar laws passed by Gujarat, Rajasthan and MP governments. Is it because these states are ruled by BJP?
  • Christian Missionaries and Bishops have requested Sonia to dismiss the HP CM because the state has passed an anti- conversion law. Don’t you think that under Sonia, the Congress party is being identified with Christianity?
  • The Centre has repealed POTA. But Maharashtra and Himachal Pradesh (the Congress ruled states) have enacted similar laws to deal with terrorism. But when Gujarat and Rajasthan assemblies (the BJP ruled states), passed similar laws, the Governors refused to sign them. Partiality, thy name is UPA!
  • When the MP government introduced Yoga classes, the congress and the left were more vocal in opposing it. But the Standing Committee of the HRD Ministry, with CPM and Congress
    members, has recommended that Yoga should be made mandatory for all school going children in the country. What is this drama?
  • A Kerala Minister, Elammaram Kareem, himself a Muslim, has warned the parents of Muslims youth to keep an eye on their sons going regularly to `Subah’ prayer in Mosque, as they may
    be coming back home with bombs in their pockets and become NDF terrorists. Do you need any more certificate that Mosques are becoming terrorist training centres?
  • A Nepali citizen, Moni Kumr Subba, has managed to become a Congress MP from Texpur, Assam. He was convicted in Nepal and was imprisoned from 1971 to 1973 there. Now, for close
    to three decades, he has held several high profile posts in Indian Govt. Is the Congress giving MLA and MP tickets to foreigners?
  • At a demonstration sponsored by the Pakistan American Alliance, which supported AID funded `peace’ march by Sandeep Pandey, a placard reading “Allah will destroy the terrorist state of India”
    was held. Yes, leave alone Pakistanis, even for some of our `secularists’ – like Sandeep Pandey, Arundathi Roy, etc. – India is a terrorist state? Do you understand their motives?
  • The Raja of Mahamudabad, Begum Aizaz Rasul, Raja of Pirpur, Maulana Hasrat Mohanti, etc. from UP, Syed Hossain Imam from Bihar, M. Mohd. Ismail from Madras, etc. to name a few of
    the host of Muslim League leades, have stayed back in India, though they had actively worked for the creation of Pakistan. Why did they stay in a Kafir land, instead of moving to the Darul Islam?
  • Justice Rajender Sachar, Manmohan Singh, Kuldip Nayar as well as Jyoti Basu and Buddhadev Bhattacharji, to mention a few `secular’ warriors, have fled from the Islamic state of Pakistan
    in 1947 to escape massacre or forced conversion. And they all now strive to make the whole of India into Darul Islam!
  • About 40 Muslims rushed to the residence of Mr. Jity Mehta, a BJP leader, in Rajkot (Gujarat) and attacked him with sharp- edged weapons (in March 2007). The reason: Mr. Mehta rebuked a Muslim boy for harassing girls in the area. And you hear from our `secularists’ that Muslims are not safe in Gujarat!
  • One of the prominent Malayalam dailies in Kerala, a literate state, carried this advt. (in March 2007): “Wanted a Muslim kidney”. Now will the Muslims advertise for “Muslim Blood”, “Muslim Heart”, “Muslim eye”, etc? And still they talk of alienation!
  • Crores of Bangladesh Muslims have infiltrated into India and have obtained ration card and become voters. But Taslima Nasreen who has come to India legally is being haunted by fanatic Muslims. Welcome to infiltrators, but no to immigrants!
  • In April 2007, the entire British media highlighted as to how Hindu girls in England are being targetted by Muslims. The British press was widely reporting this issue. But the entire Indian media was silent on this. Is it against their `secular’ Dharma to report such news, because Hindus are the victims?
  • When Sushma Swaraj as I&B Minister protested about FTV, the media shouted `stop moral policing’. Now Priya Ranjan Dasmunshi bans FTV and the media and other “Rights Activists” are nowhere to be seen. Why do they pounce on NDA, but become mute for Congress?
  • Many Central Govt. Dept. buildings, Delhi’s high-profile Golf Club, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Central Government Offices Complex around Lodhi Road area, the CBI headquarters, the Oberoi Intercontinental and several important institutions are Waqf properties and are `illegally occupied’. These `startling facts’ were discussed at a 3-day international seminar, May 8- 10, 1999. (Ref. Islamic Voice, June 1999). Instead of claiming a few State and Central Govt. properties, they should claim the whole of India, and they may get it too!
  • A Book “Islam – A Concept of Political World Invasion by Muslims” authored by Supreme Court Advocate R.V. Bhasin, Mumbai, has been banned and copies confiscated (April 2007).
    The print and electronic media blacked out the news. Our Rights activists who support MF Hussain, never bothered about the issue. What could be their motives?
  • The Delhi metro route was changed to save Qutub Minar. The Taj corridor scheme was stopped by the Supreme Court on the ground that it would threaten the historic Taj Mahal. Why the
    same logic is not applied in the case of Ram Sethu. Is it because Ram Sethu is a Hindu monument.
  • The Punjab & Haryana High Court in a historic order delivered in 1993 declared the Brahma Saravor at Kurukshetra as an “Ancient Monument” and a “historic formation”. Why can’t the same sense of history, culture and preservation apply in the case of Ram Sethu?
  • The singing of “Vande Utkal Janani”, the State song of Orissa, has been opposed and rejected by the Mullahs and Maulvis in Orissa, because it amounts to worshiping Mother Utkal. A fatwa has been issued not to sing the song. Don’t you think that Muslims are always antagonistic and never intend to come to the national mainstream?
  • Pak Tourism Minister Nilofar Bakhtiar has earned the wrath of Islamic clerics at the Red Mosque, for hugging a foreign man. She was helped by a male instructor during a charity parachute jump. They have asked the govt. to `punish and sack’ her for this `great sin’. Where are our women lib activists?
  • The UPA govt. has given permission for a Saudi Investor, Anees Ikbal, to construct a new `film city’ with an investment of Rs.1,000 crores on a 50-acre plot in Kasara, Maharashtra. Why should the Saudis be given the freedom to propagate their tribal culture in India when they deny even human rights to non-Muslims living in their country?
  • None of the 205 members of the United Nations has in their respective constitution provisions where a person of foreign origin can either head a political party or hold any political office. In what way India is different? Have our congressmen become so sycophants?
  • Richard Gladstone who was the British Prime Minister once had announced, holding the copy of Quran in his hand and waving it to all others sitting MPs, that as long as this book exists there can never be peace in this world. Was he a fool?
  • Rajasthan Governor and UPA Presidential candidate, Pratibha Patil said in June 2007 that the purdah (veil) system was introduced in India to protect women from Mughal invaders. Muslim leaders
    pounced on her saying that she is talking the language of Sangh Parivar. But facts are facts, wherever they come from!
  • Mohammed said to his followers: “if you give up now even 10% of what I say and do today, Islam will be destroyed, but a time will come when if you follow only 10% of what I say and do now, Islam will be saved”. Considering these words, he is indeed a prophet.
  • A couple, Mohammed Ishaq and Bismillah, was blessed with the 23rd child. (Nuh, Haryana, June 2007). Interestingly, their three eldest children are married and have children of the same age of their siblings. And the UPA govt. is bestowing uponthem special privileges. Whither population controls?
  • A Christian `peace’ worker KA Paul, settled in US, who has converted thousands of Hindus in AP through his Global Peace Initiative, levelled serious allegations, including threat to his life, against AP CM YSR Reddy, a Christian. This is because he (Paul) did not give him (Reddy) US$5 million for poll expenses as demanded by Reddy in 2005. One fraudster is accusing another!
  • Two Muslim girls in Mumbai – Samina (19) and Zarina (18) have approached the Bombay High Court to seek protection from their neighbours who do not want them to pursue higher studies because it is against Islam. (June 2007). And you say Islam is a progressive religion?
  • Kashmir’s Grand Mufti, Mufti Muhammad Bashir-ud-Din, has issued a fatwa against accepting money or help from the Indian Army in rebuilding mosques and shrines, as it is against Islam. Why can’t he issue a fatwa against Haj subsidy which is paid from Hindu tax-payers’ money and temple funds.
  • Switzerland, a secular country, has banned minarets. `The minaret is a symbol of a political and aggressive Islam … The minute you have minarets it means Islam will have taken over’. Has Switzerland not confirmed that Islam is incompatible with secularism? Why do we not understand?
  • In July 2007, the US Senate, the Upper House, opened with a Vedic mantras (Hindu prayers) by Rajan Zed. Since then, many states in US, have their houses opened with Hindu prayer. Can this ever happen in India, the land of Vedas and Hinduism?
  • Did Edwina, Lord Mountbatten’s wife, influence Nehru’s decision to refer Kashmir to the UN? According to Edwina’s daughter, Pamela, yes. “She (Edwina) and Jawaharlal are so sweet together, they really dote on each other” Pamela wrote in her book. In any other country, such a person would be treated as a traitor. But in India, he is the architect of modern India!
  • On 15th July 2007 night, Shahjahan Shaikh and Matiyar Rahaman Mollah broke open the door of a Nepali Hindu family in Diamond Harbour, WB. They raped the eldest daughter. When the mother went to save her, they raped the mother too. When the mother went to the police station and returned, she found her younger daughter too raped. (Anandabazar Patrika & TOI, 17th July 2007). Raping a Kafirs is pampered in Islam.
  • Our PM and HM proclaim that terrorism has no religion. That is right. Then why did he (PM) talk of “the role of Hindu fundamentalists” when referring to Malegaon Mosque blasts. Like terrorism, fundamentalism too has no religion. Isn’t it? Has he ever said `Muslim fundamentalism’?
  • At the award ceremony (in Sept. 2007), Pakistan captain Shoaib Malik said: “I want to thank everyone back home in Pakistan and Muslims all over the world. Thank you very much”. The VHP Press Statement said: “We congratulate the team and all citizens for the marvelous victory”. Whose statement is provoking and communal, considering that we have Muslims too in our team?
  • The Allahabad High Court observed that “it is the duty of every citizen …. to follow dharma as propounded by the Gita” (Sept. 2007). As a rejoinder, union Law Minister HR Bharadwaj said
    “every religion has its own Dharma Shastra”. Are Islam and Christianity dharms? Is he not aware of the difference between Dharm and Religion?
  • The belief of Hindus in Ram Sethu is questioned by the secularists. Have they ever questioned the belief of Muslims in Hazratbal (hair of Mohammed) Shrine in Srinagar? When they are bold enough to question Hindu beliefs, why are they afraid of questioning other religions’ beliefs. Is this because
    Hindus are tolerant?
  • If Ram Sethu is merely a series of reefs, why has the UPA govt. named it “Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project”? The very word `sethu’ means bridge. Then how can the govt. deny the existence of the bridge?
  • An atheist is equally opposed to all religions. But DMK, DK and Communists are all bhai-bhai when it comes to Christianity and Islam. They even participate in the Iftar parties and Christian
    They oppose only Hinduism. Are they not charlatans?
  • In Srinagar, on 6th Sept. 2007, a leopard mauled a Muslim girl to death. When policemen brought the victim to her village of Machipora, they were attacked by the local Muslims. Now, what is the fault of the policemen and why should they be attacked by the followers of the religion of peace?
  • When the UPA govt. is belittling Ram and Ramayana, lessons from Ramayana have formed part of teaching on leadership, management and governance at many Business Schools and IIMs in India and USA (Pioneer News Service, Sept. 2007). That is the speciality of Hinduism – the more you suppress, the greater it bounces back!
  • A Mumbai-based Muslim organisation, Daarul-Ifta-Manjar-e- Islam, has issued a fatwa against Salman Khan for attending a Ganesh puja (Sept. 2007), saying Islam prohibits idol worship. And you sing Mazahab nahi sikhaata aapas mey bair karna and all religions are the same.
  • CPM Gen. Secretary Prakash Karat has questioned India’s moral right to condemn the Chinese action on Tibetan insurgents by asking if the Indian Govt would allow a free J&K or a free Nagaland. You can understand their (dis)loyalty to India. And these are the people who are running the government today! Is the nation secure in such hands?
  • In Karachi, Pak, a Hindu factory worker, Jagdish, aged 22, was beaten to death (on 8th April 2008) by his Muslim colleagues, allegedly for criticizing Mohammed. The factory management has banned about 40 Hindu workers. About 2,000 Hindus in that locality fear for their life. Just compare how India treats Muslims and how Pakistan treats Hindus! And still we are accused of intolerance!
  • “Har Har Mahadev”, “Jai Shree Ram”, “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”, etc. are considered `threatening’ by Muslims. And an obliging government, asks Hindus not to use such `provocative’ slogans. On the same breadth, can Hindu say that “Allah-Oh-Akbar” is a war cry – which in fact is?
  • Rahul Gandhi was the star campaigner in the elections to Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh assemblies. But in all 3 elections, the Congress was routed. Still he is made the General Secretary of the party. What does that indicate? – promotion instead of demotion!
  • When the Shiv Sena Chief Balasaheb Thackery made an alleged communal talk in Mumbai a few years ago, he was disenfranchised by the Election Commission for six years. But Karunanidhi, a CM, called Sri Ram a “drunkard”. The EC and all our `secularists” are silent on this? Is this their secular dharma?
  • When the BJP released a `communal’ CD in Lucknow, all the `secular’ parties clamoured for its derecognition. But when DMK goons openly declared in TN that BJP, VHP and Hindu Munnani
    workers will not be allowed to roam in the streets, no one condemned it, leave alone asking for its derecognition. Is it against their secular Dharma?
  • The Supreme Court questioned the worship of Ram Sethu (15th April 2008). The Sun (Surya Devata) located millions of miles away high up in the sky, is regularly worshipped by Hindus. Similarly the Kailash Parvat (Abode of Lord Shiva) is located far far away but is still worshipped by millions from
    long distance. Then how can the worship of Ram Sethu be questioned by SC, simply because it is situated in sea?
  • There are many underworld criminal gangs. When any member tries to desert the gang, for leading a civilized life, he isimmediately declared an apostate and put to death. How can this rule be applied to a religion – Islam?
  • The Supreme Court questioned: “Don’t say people go there and worship. Who says it (Ram Sethu) is a place of worship?”. In the same breath, will they ask: “Don’t say people (Muslims) go there and worship. Who says it (Ramjanmabhoomi) is a place of worship for Muslims?” They wouldn’t. Because hurting
    Hindu sentiments and assuaging Muslim feelings is secularism.
  • Ref: Serial bomb blast in Jaipur on 13th May 2008. The Home Minister says that the Centre is extending all help to Rajasthan Government. UPA has refused to sign the Rajasthan Control of Organized Crime Bill and also a similar Bill of Gujarat which are pending with the Centre for more than two years. This is definitely not the way of helping a state in fighting terrorism?
  • In India, it is the paternal grandfather who is more important than the maternal grandfather. Then how come for Nehru family, it is only the maternal grandfather who is talked about and not the maternal grandfather. Who are Rajiv Gandhi’s and Rahul Gandhi’s paternal grandfathers?
  • Germany offered to provide to India the data of Indian black money holders in secret bank accounts in Liechtenstein, a small country near Austria. (Ref. TOI, May 21, 2008). But the Finance Ministry and the PM Office did not show any interest. Is it because there will be many skeletons in the cupboard?
  • In Karachi, a 100-yr-old temple is being used as an auto workshop by a Pathan (TOI, 7th May 2008). Can you imagine a Mosque in India being used so? Heaven would have fallen for our `secularists’. But they never care about Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh.
  • The HM Shivraj Patil has drawn a parallel between the hangings of Mohammed Afzal and Sarabjit Singh. Are plotting to blow up our Parliament and straying into Pak territory by mistake similar? Or is he confirming that (a) Sarabjit was indeed a spy and (b) that Afzal will not be hanged.
  • Lalu, Mulayam, Karunanidhi, Jayalalitha, BJP President, etc. all own up defeat in elections. Do Sonia or Rahul ever own up defeat? They always look for scapegoat. They rush to accept garlands when there is victory, but run away when defeated! What type of leaders they are!
  • The NDA Government in 2001 rerouted Delhi Metro at cost of 500 crores and delay of 1 year, because of simple complaint from a Muslim NGO that the Metro route can cause cracks to three graves near Qutub Minar! But the UPA Government ignored 35 Lakhs signatures by Rambhakts requesting not to
    destroy Rama Sethu!
  • Are you aware that in nearly 40 Panchayats in Tamilnadu where Muslims gained majority, they stopped providing civic services such as water, school, garbage cleanup? They served notices in Urdu that they need to convert to get those services. Karunanidhi, who boasts of Tamil culture, is blind to these threats!
  • IUML supporters climbed up the top of Karipur airport, removed our national flag and hoisted ML flag. Yet no arrest has been made. IUML leader E. Ahmed is our Minister of State for External Affairs.
  • Ahmedias, who claim they are Muslims, are not recognised by Muslims. They are persecuted in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, etc. by Sunni Muslims. But in Bharat, Dalits are forced to say they are not Hindus, by their leaders, to serve their political interest. Yes, dividing the Hindu society pays!
  • Thousands of goats can be made to run for life by one tiger. Have Hindus become goats? O Hindus! Come and prove that you are not a goat, but a lion, which you really are!

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